Kitting & Assembly in DFW area

Your brand image is important and your product mix is ever-changing to meet the demands of your customers. At Packed Right we have decades of experience helping our customers transform components into finished good kits and custom SKU’s.

Our kitting & assembly solutions are able to scale quickly to meet promotional marketing schedules, social media campaigns, and other seasonal holiday demands that can occur throughout the year.

Kitting & Assembly

Our Solutions

Pallet Display Assembly in Dallas Fort Worth area.

Pallet Display Assembly

Build to Order Fulfillment in Dallas Fort Worth area.

Build to Order Fulfillment

Rework, Inspection, and Disposal in Dallas Fort Worth area.

Rework, Inspection, and Disposal

Ticketing, Labeling, and Bar Coding in Dallas Fort Worth area.

Ticketing, Labeling, and Bar Coding

Retail Sales Packaging in Dallas Fort Worth area.

Retail Sales Packaging

Kitting, Reboxing, and Refurbishment in Dallas Fort Worth area.

Kitting, Reboxing, and Refurbishment

Returns in Dallas Fort Worth area.


Special Projects in Dallas Fort Worth area.

Special Projects

Our Inventory Management System accurately manages your inventory, as products morph from units to kits. Our kitting and packaging services help your business:

Reduce Costs

Pre-assembly of kits gives you the labor efficiency and accuracy of mass assembly of the same package. Our strong relationships with packaging companies and suppliers of corrugate and other materials allow us to introduce new strategies & lower packaging costs to our partners and clients.

Save Time

Our Engineered processes ensure efficient use of labor. Comprehensive packaging services include boxing, labeling, shrink-wrapping and custom packaging.


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